Swamp Bar

The SWAMP is an actual bar near Chautauqua Lake, NY. It has a cult following and has been around since the 1960s. Jeff created this art which was used for framed prints and hi-res digital transfers for t-shirts

Swamp Bar Tee

Screen printing is also available. This “rainbow blend effect” looks great on black or dark colored shirts and is cost effective.


Custom Caricature


Custom Cartoon

A humorous cartoon.


Blue Sky Realty

This design was commissioned by Blue Sky Realty, Morgantown,WV. The art was used for advertisements and printed as a promotional t-shirt.

Digital transfer Tee

Blue Sky Realty gives each student renter a free t-shirt. A great way to advertise on campus and the students loved the shirts!


Pet Cartoon

People love their pets and they will LOVE a cartoon of their furry friend. Animals are one of Jeff’s specialties, any type and any size. Just e-mail a picture of your pet to Jeff and the fun begins!

Pet Sketches.


Skulls Print

This design was created for a WVU Phi Kappa Sigma Skulls reunion party. Prints and shirts were made for the event.

Personalized Tie-Dyes

Tie Dye shirts were made and worn to the WVU Mountaineer football game. Ask Jeff about quantity discounts.


Soccer All Star

Kids love cartoons and they REALLY love a cartoon of themselves!

Personalized T-shirt

Jeff has a digital printer in house that can print his drawings directly on to t-shirts no matter the quantity - one or twenty one.


Mother’s Day Present

Would you like to give your Mom a special present? Send Jeff that classic family picture and ask him to draw something totally unique. Then frame it just for Mom.

Digital Transfer T-shirt

Jeff can print digitally on-demand. Any amount is possible - just one shirt or 20 dozen. Screen printing is also available


Woodstock Design

Jeff has created a lot of t-shirt designs. This t-shirt was done for General Butler State Park and their Woofstock Festival.

Tie Dye with digital print

150 tie-dye t-shirts were made and printed for the occasion.


Cartoon To Go

Xerox commissioned Jeff to draw a personalized cartoon of each guest for their Thought Leadership Workshop seminar.

Personalized cartoons


Family Reunion Portrait

Are you having a family reunion and want that one-of-a-kind present? Have Jeff create a family cartoon portrait. Anything is possible as long as you supply Jeff with the pictures and a general idea, Jeff can create something the whole family will cherish.

T-shirts for the family!

Hi-Res digital transfer printing is available. Photos can be printed on shirts also.


Send Jeff a photo and let him create a humorous illustration

The Honeoye Hilton is an actual boat on Honeoye Lake - owned by Honeoye Lake Marine. Do you have a unique boat, RV, house, etc.? Send Jeff a photo and let him create a humorous illustration worth framing. Prints can be made for the mates on board. Text Jeff for more info @ 585 472-0410

Questions about an existing product or custom work?